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Leopard Patrol - Limited Edition (only10) 72"x28" custom shaped surfboard

Sea Life

Leopard Patrol - Limited Edition (only10) 72"x28" custom shaped surfboard


Leopard Patrol - Limited Edition (only10) 72"x28" custom shaped surfboard

from 5,600.00

For nearly two decades longtime ocean lover Aaron Goulding has been captivated by the Leopard Sharks that congregate at La Jolla Shores once a year during mating season. Each year Aaron has swam with them in an attempt to study and document their behavior for no one other than himself. The image above seems to capture several leopard sharks in a patrol mode where they almost uniformly swim in a pattern watching each others backs so to speak. Aaron singled out this image and teamed up with local and world renowned surf board shaper Tim Bessell to best showcase this
image which translates very well. Both men are very accomplished in the water as well as they are within their craft. Also, not only are Leopard Sharks very common in La Jolla Shores but so is the sport of surfing. In fact many people will paddle out on some sort of board to view these magnificent creatures in action. 

LEOPARD PATROL is Aaron’s latest release
and is limited to 10 pieces in the edition and 2 artist proofs outside of the edition. Each piece is hand-crafted and hand-signed by both the shaper and the artist beneath the glass of the board and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

We invite you to view this special piece inside of our gallery.

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