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The Return - 55x24 Aluminum print ONLY!

Limited Editions

The Return - 55x24 Aluminum print ONLY!


The Return - 55x24 Aluminum print ONLY!

from 1,199.00

The Return was captured in La Jolla, California one crisp, cool spring afternoon. Aaron was just moving into his studio and noticed over the weeks that the Brown Pelicans would fly from the cliff below and them return in a particular pattern; out over the sea, then up over the cave, then swooping down and around again before returning back to the cliff. The Orange color you see is the top of the cliff and the blue is the ocean in the background. This is a panning shot and was challenging for Aaron as he attempted to get this shot over the course of a couple of weeks. Over 80 hours and a few thousand shots later, Aaron finally got one he was content with.

We invite you to view this special piece inside of Aaron Goulding Photography Gallery, 1273 Prospect St., La Jolla, Ca. 92037.

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