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Finish Line - L.E. 1/1 Only 1

Limited Editions

Finish Line - L.E. 1/1 Only 1


Finish Line - L.E. 1/1 Only 1


This once in a lifetime piece is 42.5" x 80" and comes in 4 panels (each panel is 42.5" x 20") and is printed on metal (dye sublimation) with a digital number and signature to assure its the original piece.

Finish Line also comes with a certificate of authenticity which states that it will never be duplicated or replicated in any other fashion (other than the email you are receiving or for promotional purposes) and any file associated with this piece will be destroyed upon the sale of this Limited Edition.

This is a great piece for any collector but if you love horses and/or the sport of horse racing then you'll love to have this in your collection.

The current price of this single edition is $100,000.00 (Includes; taxes, handling, packaging, shipping, C.O.A., installation and insurance).

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