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Booking and Rates

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Booking: To Book an appointment, Click on "Book Appointment" and please allow up to 10 seconds for page to load. Then follow prompts.

All bookings must be made by appointment! However last minute appointments may be made if "The Studio" is available.

Booking Policies: "The Studio" is a first come, first serve appointment based studio. Please book only the amount of time you will need. If more time is needed and space is available you may continue to use space at regular rates. You must sign in when you arrive and have a valid Driver's License and Credit/Debit Card that we may keep on file. You will also need to sign a liability release form and you will need to be checked in and checked out and equipment will be inspected prior to use and prior to your departure. No deposit is required, however you will be held responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen equipment as well as any cleanups or destruction of property including any and all material, equipment and properties located within Aaron Goulding Photography and "The Studio" at 1273 Prospect St.

Monthly And Annual Subscribers: You may only book up to 4 hour blocks for a maximum of 3 days per week otherwise you may book appointments under usual parameters so long as space is available. Special circumstances need to be requested via email: or (858)312-0970

On Site Rules: No smoking, Keep work area clean, be mindful of Gallery and its clients, please keep speaking levels at a normal tone, do not disrespect out staff or our clients, Please treat the gear as if it were something you love dearly.

Cancelation Policy: We ask that you provide us with a 24 hour notice of cancellation.

Additional fees may apply if our staff has to clean or if any gear is damaged by you: $25 clean up fee of any drink spills, garbage of any kind or any mess left behind.

Lost, Damaged or Stolen gear; by you or any one that is with you will reflect in a charge double the cost of current value in a new condition.

Book an appointment with


1 Hour - $50

1 hour Plus Gear - $125

2 Hours - $100

2 Hours Plus Gear - $175

1/4 Day (3 Hrs) - $125

1/4 Day Plus Gear - $200

1/2 Day (5hrs) - $225

1/2 Day Plus Gear - $300

3/4 Day (8hrs) - $350

3/4 Day Plus Gear - $425

Full Day - $450

Full Day Day Plus Gear $525