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Sandy Pano

Aaron Goulding

Newport Point, Summer 2015

Newport Point, Summer 2015

     I have travelled our California coastline for the past 30 plus years in search of waves to ride or waves to photograph. On one of my journey's back to my home breaks in Newport Beach I checked out the Wedge, Newport Point and the jetties during one the largest hurricane swells to hit the area in years. Hurricane Marie was producing some 20 foot plus sets at the wedge and Newport Point.

     The jetties weren't as organized so I spent most of my morning at the Wedge and the rest of the day at Newport Point where guys like Rob Machado were getting some deep, heavy, tube rides like never before in this area.

I could not believe how many perfect waves went unridden but if you saw the power in these waves you would certainly understand why many chose not to take the drop. Guys were getting swept up the beach and around the Newport Pier. I had never seen anything like it before.

     I managed to capture one of the unridden waves which I call "Sandy Pano" due to this spot having a sandy bottom and the crop of the image having its panoramic shape. I only wish I was much younger, I may have attempted to shoot from the water...then again, maybe not.

By Aaron Goulding