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Sunflowers at Sunset

Nicole Heyde

We all love to eat healthy. Well at least I do (not to say that I don't enjoy the very occasional burger and fries). But overall the trend, for so many years now, has been organic, organic, organic, locally grown, locally grown, locally grown. And you want that, we all do. It's nice to know that your food is organic or hasn't been sprayed with all kinds of pesticides. I feel that there is a level of comfort in knowing where my food is coming from, even more so now that I have a baby girl who is starting to LOVE nibbling on all kinds of fruits and veggies. 

Aaron told me about this farm that he was going to with his wife and kids. Such a great idea to bring your kids to a farm to have them see where the things they eat actually grow. Maybe even have them pick some fruits or harvest some veggies! Suzie's Farm is a 70-acre USDA-certified organic farm located thirteen miles south of downtown San Diego. They grow over 100 varieties of seasonal vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruits, year-round. Come on...13 miles...that's so close! 

I think obviously any adventure Aaron takes, with or without his family, is always an opportunity for him to work on his art. He is a photographer, it is his passion, so his camera is most definitely always with him. He has an absolutely amazing eye, and is really able to capture the beauty of even the simplest things. The trip to Suzie's Farm was really no different. What started as a family outing ended with Aaron capturing the most amazing sunflower bloom at sunset. I have to say... if Suzie's farm looks any bit as magical as Aaron makes it seem in this beautiful shot, I will be checking it out really soon. In the meantime, a Sunflower Sunset sure would look fabulous on my living room wall! 

-Nikki Heyde/Aaron Goulding Photography/La Jolla Galleries

Sunflower Sunset is now available at Aaron Goulding's Gallery